“Conveyor Launch” Frac Ball Launcher

Stonewall Energy is pleased to introduce our “Conveyor Launch” Frac Ball Launching System. This unique patented design offers an innovative frac ball launching solution for any scenario. Our “Dry System” is designed to protect the launcher, consisting of Lexan style doors which enables our technicians to maintain a constant visual of each frac ball. The high storage capacity removes the need to shut down and reload, while also eliminating the risk of improper frac ball loading.

Canadian Patent No: 2,938,017
United States Patent Pending No: 15/622,640

  • 30 frac ball capacity
  • “Dry System” protects launcher from frac fluids and wellbore
  • Able to adapt to any frac pressures, up to 15,000psi
  • Capable of launching frac balls, any material up to 5”
  • Lexan style doors offers visibility of all frac balls
  • Easily loaded and unloaded, without having to depressurize
  • Light weight system
  • Compatible with any frac head
  • Hydraulic “HCR” operated gate valves for staging
  • Remotely operated (hydraulically) for safety
  • Launcher logs and job notes provided
  • Hydraulic brake and conveyor system ensures only one ball is launched
  • Remotely operated well isolation valve, in the event a frac treatment line fails or there is a well integrity situation
  • Launcher logs and job notes provided

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